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Aston Educational Group Limited, (“AEG”) is a professional international education group started in the United States that provides high quality Language Training, K12 Programs, Education Travel and Study Abroad services around the world.

AEG operates 147 training centers, schools, exchange programs, and businesses in 101 cities in China, Vietnam, the United States.

AEG has provided language training services for over one million students, provided high end kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) programs to students in America, China and Vietnam, and sent thousands of students on Education Travel Tours all over the world.

AEG students have been admitted to every top 20 American university.

AEG currently employs 353 native English speaking teachers and trainers across China and Vietnam, and has a uniquely effective recruitment, placement, training and management system for its native English speaking staff.
Founded in 1996 by American educator David Wisner, AEG has a unique American heritage and deep market experience in Asia and North America