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Since the first Aston English franchise school opened in 2004, Aston Franchising has attracted a large number of educators to join the Aston team through our excellent franchising program, which relies on the strength of Aston Educational Group’s many years of experience and it’s successful brands.

Franchising Opportunities

Aston offers franchising opportunities with the following brands:Aston English – Children’s English Language Training Schools

Strong Support System

Franchising with Aston you will get to own a first-class Language School in your city. A lack of experience in the education industry is no impediment to success as a complete support system for franchising will be provided by Aston.

Complete Operation Manuals

Aston’s comprehensive operation manuals include detailed information for operating an Aston school in your city. These manuals cover topics including market research, preparation for opening, education plans, advertisement, school management, HR management, quality control, financial planning and management, marketing and customer service.

Global Teacher Recruitment

Aston has its own recruitment and training departments in Asia and overseas to hire outstanding native English-speaking teachers. Tailored education training is also given to teacher trainers, foreign and local teachers.

Unified Brand Decoration and Design

Unified decoration design will be supported by Aston. Aston’s specialized construction department will provide consulting and service during the design of your school.

On-site Guidance and Support

Aston has a specialized team to provide professional, on-site guidance for each department of the franchise school.

Powerful Marketing Systems

With many years of experience in marketing operations, Aston has developed a well-established set of franchise marketing systems. In order to maximize effectiveness, our system can be tweaked to suit the needs of different regions.

Increasing Brand Value

You will be receiving long-term, stable support when you franchise with Aston, which in turn will enable you to position your school as a leader in the industry in your region.

Requirements to become a member of the Aston Family

● A desire to devote yourself to the education industry and the staying power to work towards long-term goals.

● Capital to invest.

● The ability to obtain the relevant government certificates and allowances required to run a school and hire foreign experts.

● You must be a moral and honest individual.

● A passion to change the lives of students through education

Process of Franchising

Information obtained → First contact → Formal meeting → Preparation→ Support for opening → Ongoing support and service

Aston Educational Group sincerely welcomes like-minded friends to join Aston and create a great future together.

For more information about franchising opportunities please email or call us:

astonjiameng@astonschool.com or call 400 997 8891