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Education Travel in China for Young Learners (5-14)

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Education Travel in China for Young Learners (5-14)

Aston has been running education travel programs around the world since 1998 and has sent thousands of students on amazing, life-changing programs around the world. Since 2017 Aston’s Education Travel programs are run under the “Winner Camp” brand.

Aston’s domestic education travel programs include trips with various focuses and themes – emotional intelligence improvement, sports, science and technology, military-style, natural sciences education, cultural travel, outdoor safety, outdoor sports, higher education tours, family-style trips, American style summer camps, and more.  Programs are run year-round with a peak in summer and winter vacations.

Aston is committed to effectively combining “education” with “travel” in all of its programs, utilizing its strengths as seasoned youth English educators, to provide high-quality service to all of its customers.


Teaching: Interactive education with experienced teachers

Brand: 20+ years of brand history, with nearly 10,000 satisfied education travel customers

Growth: comprehensively improve children’s self-reliance, interest in learning and self-confidence

Safety: professional team leaders, elite mentors, 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio

Core Guiding Principles - 5 Literacies + 8 Core Competencies

5 Literacies:

Scientific Literacy, Humanistic Literacy, Health Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Civic Literacy

8 Core Competencies

Creativity, Initiative And Will Power, Kind Heartedness & Social Morality, Learning & Exploration, Cross Cultural Communication Ability, Communication & Collaboration, Leadership Accountability and Social responsibility, Aesthetic Judgment

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