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At Aston we are fortunate to have schools, programs and companies with different focuses in over 100 cities in 4 countries across the world. This allows for many different career paths for our staff, and we are proud to be an employer that endeavors to promote talented staff from within the organization when possible.

Career paths with Aston may include:

Teaching, Content Development and Teacher Training

As an education company, there are a wide range of teaching roles within Aston Educational Group. The magic that happens within a classroom between the teacher and the student is at the heart of all that we do. There are various career paths that teachers can embark on utilizing this experience. We are always in search of people passionate about training newcomers to the profession. There are also opportunities to recruit new teachers, manage teaching staff, move into content development, or new school support. If you join as a teacher, you may find yourself on any number of different paths in the future depending on your strengths.

Sales and Marketing

Our students may hear about Aston from a friend, an advert online, or on the side of a bus, or maybe from participating or attending a language competition. In order to keep new students coming through our doors year after year, we have a team of dedicated professionals selling and marketing the brands underneath Aston Educational Group. Many of the professionals who start out here end up managing schools, working to develop new products, and running Regional teams, or schools.

Support Teams

In order to ensure that things go smoothly in all of our schools, academies and programs, we need to ensure that there are a set of strong support systems in place. This is where the Head Office support teams come in, from IT, to HR, to Finance, these teams are made up of professionals dedicated to supporting our amazing staff at the front lines.

Management and Administration

Embedded within all our schools, academies and projects are the administrators who oil the engine of Aston making sure that planning, logistics and all of the details of all company-wide campaigns come to fruition at the local level. This type of role is really suited to the detail-oriented problem-solver.

If you are interested in working with Aston, please contact us at: hr@astonschool.com