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Education Travel for Teens and Adults

Aston, through its Balboa International Education brand, works with world-class universities and elite partners to provide the right overseas education travel programs for thousands of secondary and high school students, as well as educators, teachers and administrators, every year.

For junior and senior high school students, overseas education travel programs means getting ready for their college studies and it provides an opportunity to experience and appreciate foreign culture.

Through our training courses at University of California at Berkeley, students can learn skills of negotiation and speech; through our leadership training program in University of Southern California, students can learn to organize and inspire their classmates. All in all, our programs aim to motivate students and prepare them to get ready for studying abroad.

Safety, quality and a variety of program offerings are the three key points of our international short-term educational programs. We ensure that we have experienced professional teams to manage and organize our courses.

Program Features and Advantages

In-depth visits to famous universities in United States, Canada and Vietnam

Cooperation with top elite partner universities letting students experience foreign campus life and get familiar with American culture and education

Communicate with the admissions administrators of world-famous universities; experience a real-time interview and get ready for the application of world-class universities

Participate together with overseas students; explore inside and outside the classroom and exchange opinions with students from the United States, Canada and Vietnam

Live with a local foreign family; experience different cultures and improve foreign language skills